Mergers and Acquisitions Integration

We’re with you every step of the way.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are much more commonplace these days and affect all facets of the healthcare industry, including physicians’ practices, healthcare service providers, and health systems.  Successful M&A communications strategies rely heavily on a clear phased approach: preliminary planning stages, communication with all stakeholders, and the post-merger integration process with a newly formed brand.

At Quaintise, we begin recent mergers and acquisitions by analyzing the businesses being merged or acquired. We work with you to develop a corporate communication strategy that considers all stakeholders, including investors, board members, senior leaders, managers, front-line employees and consumers. As a result, we build fully comprehensive communications for both internal and external audiences—presentations, press releases, training literature, and brand identity materials following a merger or acquisition.

Quaintise can help you:

    • Explain why a merger or acquisition is being considered to stakeholders
    • Describe the benefits for each stakeholder
    • Provide materials to communicate operational changes effectively to employees
    • Identify the appropriate forums for disclosure, discussion, and issue resolution, such as meetings, press releases, community forums, FAQ documents, training seminars and advertising
    • Create a brand strategy and visual identity for the new organization including logo, website, social media, content marketing and PR



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