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After gaining worldwide recognition among healthcare practitioners, the creators of the MoCA test looked to Quaintise to capitalize on their success. The goal was to develop new growth strategies and business acumen designed to increase profits and continue building the MoCA userbase. Quaintise achieved this by creating conversion-optimized marketing materials that helped raise awareness of the test and nurtured new users into becoming trained test administrators.

About the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)

The MoCA test is used globally by healthcare professionals to detect cognitive impairments early on for faster diagnosis and improved patient care. MoCA is the most sensitive test available for detecting Alzheimer’s disease. It measures executive functions and multiple cognitive domains, which are important components not measured by the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE).


  • The MoCA test is relatively new compared to its competitor, the MMSE, that has dominated the market since 1975.
  • Business model innovation is always a risk that requires expert strategy, careful transition, and flawless execution.
  • Limited resources meant prioritizing projects and working closely with key players in a team effort to accomplish goals.

The MoCA test is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to cognitive testing. As the test began to receive global recognition from several studies and media outlets, there was an opportunity to capitalize on this momentum. As their community of test users grew, MoCA also needed to update their training and certification requirements. This would reduce variability and ensure the highest level of accuracy both for legal purposes and to set a higher industry standard. In order to do this, the current business model needed to evolve accordingly. This required a well-defined strategy, actionable plan, and measurable evaluation to ensure goals and objectives were achieved. Quaintise led the efforts, managing several internal and external teams that played an instrumental part in launching our strategy.


Quaintise developed a strategy that analyzed competitors and promoted the MoCA test’s superiority by highlighting key differentiators and value propositions. The positioning and key message alignment set the tone for our deliverables, while the agreed-upon goals and metrics enabled us to focus our efforts on achieving measurable results.

In order to use the test and purchase training, website visitors must register on the website. Because the majority of test users stemmed from digital visitors, our first effort was a website redesign with optimized landing pages intended to nurture visitors into MoCA test registrants, and MoCA test registrants into trained MoCA test administrators.

The website’s online registration feature had developed a large community of healthcare practitioners over the years. However, up to this point, very little had been done to engage with this community. Quaintise created an email campaign to educate existing MoCA test users on the benefits of becoming a trained MoCA test administrator. We also redesigned a sequence of trigger emails to help further nurture and optimize conversions.

Quaintise paired inbound marketing efforts with traditional outbound efforts to create a well-rounded and tailored approach to their outreach. This included a tri-fold brochure that targeted occupational therapists, nurses, neurologists, psychiatrists, and geriatricians. In addition, an institutional brochure with a digital flipbook was developed to target larger medical and research institutions interested in licensing MoCA.


The awareness campaign for MoCA also produced the following results:
  • Achieved over 200% increase in Training and Certifications completed by physicians.
  • Increased website users and sessions by 66%
  • Increased website page views by 140%
  • Decreased website bounces by 96%


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