Communicator Award: Award of Distinction for Design & Print – Brochure (Branding Agency Los Angeles)

In 2019, Quaintise was proud to accept the Communicator Award for their UCLA Health genomic
marketing brochure. This marketing material was produced through collaboration with UCLA Health, the
School of Medicine, and the UCLA Institute for Precision Health as part of a greater branding strategy
effort. The resulting brochure proved to be incredibly effective at promoting the university’s genetic and
genomic medicine initiatives. In addition, it featured a striking design that helped to convey the school’s
cutting-edge leadership in this sector of the life sciences industry.

Quaintise selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for an Award of Distinction in the
category of Design & Print – Brochure, which was especially meaningful due to the high level of
competition for these prizes. The Communicator Awards honors creative excellence for communications
professionals and visual work that makes a lasting impact through innovation, craft, and expertise. The
Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts receives thousands of entries from around the globe every year
from companies and agencies of all sizes. It is one of the largest awards of its kind worldwide, and is
judged by top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, communications, advertising, marketing, and
creative firms.

Summit Award: Best Digital Brochure

Our Branding Agency Los Angeles branding agency was also recognized as the winner of the Best Digital Brochure by the
Summit International Awards. This honor was given for the UCLA Health marketing brochure focused on
genetic and genomic medicine initiatives. The stunning visuals and effective copy came together to
create an incredibly impressive branding effort that is representative of what the talented Quaintise
team is capable of creating for their clients.

The Summit Awards recognize excellence in the communications and marketing industry, and are one of
the oldest and most prestigious organizations administering marketing awards. The blind judging

process is especially rigorous, with detailed criteria for evaluation in each category. Quaintise is
extremely pleased to have won this distinguished award that celebrates standout communications
materials that meet and exceed the marketing goals they were set out to achieve.

This award is indicative of not only our team’s creative talents and marketing expertise, but also our
tech-savvy branding applications. The digital UCLA Health brochure was designed to be viewed on a tech
device, which makes the design process much more complex and technologically challenging. However,
our vast experience with digital marketing made Quaintise the perfect fit for the task. Our services
aren’t limited to print materials. We’re the best branding agency in Los Angeles for crafting digital
marketing work for seamless viewing on phones, tablets, and computers.

Printing Industries Association Premier Print Award: Booklet Category Award

Yet another award that Quaintise is very proud to have earned is the Printing Industries Association
Premier Print Award. This distinction was earned in the competitive booklet category for our work for
the UCLA Institute for Precision Health. The resulting brochure was truly a gamechanger for the
university, which is why it’s so fitting that it resulted in a slew of awards for our agency.

The Premier Print Awards is a worldwide competition that celebrates the highest quality printed
materials. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, and one of the hardest to win. There
are thousands of companies in the running, each of which submits a standout example of their work.
Though the level of competition is incredibly high, the team at Quaintise felt confident when submitting
our entry. The excellent work not only has the top-tier quality and design components required to
secure an award, but it also produced impressive results for our client.

Why Branding Is So Important

A brand is only effective when it’s treated as a critical component of the business rather than an
afterthought. One of the reasons our team at Quaintise has been so widely recognized for our brand strategy services is that we take the time to craft a truly unique, personalized brand that’s reflective of
each client.

Brand strategy is about more than creating a captivating look for your business. Your brand conveys
what your business is all about, from the products and services you offer to your mission and values.
Simple things like colors, images, and fonts allow you to communicate more effectively with your
audience. Additionally, the messaging and tone you employ affect the way your business is perceived.

Let’s look at some of the instances where branding strategy can have a major impact on business

With years of experience and a drive to meet our clients’ needs, this team is packed with advertising all-stars. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and be your go-to source for everything related to advertising and marketin.

  • When your business is brand new

    Is your company or organization just getting off the ground? This is by far the most crucial time
    for branding. Without a strong brand that will connect with your audience, it will be much
    harder to experience success in such a competitive landscape. Our branding agency in Los
    Angeles has extensive experience working with new businesses ready to carve out their niche
    and make a big splash. We can help you get all your branding ready to go so you have a
    consistent and effective look and feel for all your marketing efforts. From logos and fonts to
    naming and mission statements, we’ll help you start your business off on the right foot.

  • When your brand is ready for a refresh

    Is your brand feeling a little outdated now that your business has been around for a while? Have
    you added new services or features that aren’t reflected in your current messaging and
    imagery? Quaintise can provide a comprehensive brand audit to help you rework your brand
    and update it for the modern marketing landscape. We can give your website a facelift and
    develop social media-friendly marketing strategies. We can help you reposition your brand to
    hone in on the things you do best. From simple changes like a new logo to complete overhauls
    with a new brand launch, we have the expertise to make sure your business is competitive in
    today’s market.

  • When a merger is on the horizon

    Mergers and acquisitions are incredibly complex by nature. You have so much to take care of on
    the business end that it’s easy for branding to fall by the wayside. Let us step in and take care of
    things with a complete M&A brand strategy plan. We’ll develop the messaging to use with
    employees, stakeholders, and customers. We’ll create a cohesive visual identity for your new
    organization and provide expert assistance with public relations. Corporate communications are
    incredibly important during these transitions, and our brand strategy plan is critical for creating
    a unified presence that boosts confidence in your business both internally and externally.

What Branding Services Do You Need?

You can count on Quaintise when you need a top-tier brand agency. Los Angeles businesses can turn to
our talented team of experienced professionals to get powerfully effective brand strategy plans. One of
the best things about the way we work is that we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all services. Instead,
Quaintise will create a completely customized branding plan that has been tailored to your specific

Not sure what types of brand services your business could benefit from? Here’s a closer look at some of
the most popular branding strategies Quaintise can provide for your company or organization:

  • Naming and slogans:

    Some of the most basic branding efforts start out with a few words. We
    can help you develop a tagline or even create a captivating name for your business.

  • Logos and brand identity:

    Your logo is the face of your company, and it needs to be memorable. But beyond creating a beautiful design, Quaintise develops logos that convey your company’s mission and identity.

  • Color palette and fonts:

    These branding elements go beyond simply choosing what looks appealing. We’ll help you find the best colors and fonts to represent your company and entice potential customers.

  • Messaging and tone:

    Do you need help communicating your business mission to your customers? Quaintise can help you refine your brand’s messaging and tone so that it accurately reflects the values and mission of your company.

Make sure your audience knows just how much you have to offer by partnering with Quaintise as your branding agency. Los Angeles businesses can rely on our team to create completely customized brand strategy plans that deliver exciting results.


What is a brand audit?

One of our most popular branding agency los angeles services at Quaintise is a brand audit. This involves a detailed analysis of your current brand, including not only its design but its performance and how it stacks up against yourm competitors. We’ll figure out your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and determine how it could be
more closely aligned with your products/services and your customers’ expectations.

The ultimate goal with a brand audit is to position your company more competitively within the market. You’ll get a chance to review your brand audit once it is complete along with a list of our recommended branding services then decide which actions you want to take to bring your brand up to speed.

What branding services does Quaintise provide?

Our team is capable of providing an extensive list of branding agency los angeles services, including:

  • Brand audits
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Logos and brand identity
  • Naming, slogans, taglines, and mission statements
  • Brand messaging and tone
  • Color palette and brand style guide
  • Website audits and web development
  • Marketing plans
  • Market research
  • Mergers and acquisitions integration

While most clients don’t need all of these services at once, many come back to us again and again when they need to reposition or update their branding. We can also integrate your branding for other marketing efforts, such as infographics and social media videos.

How much will a brand strategy plan cost?

Although we offer a vast array of branding services, you will get a completely customized brand strategy
plan that pertains directly to your business. There are two ways your plan can be structured:

  1. Let us know which services you want. Whether you just need a new logo or you’re looking for a
    complete overhaul of your brand, you can tell us exactly what you need and we’ll tailor our services to your needs.

  2. Let us do a brand audit for you. We’ll review your current branding and identify which areas need work, then we’ll put together a personalized branding plan with recommended actions. You can choose to follow through with all of our recommendations or select only the ones you wish to prioritize first.

Because our plans are so highly customizable, it makes it easier to stay within your budget. As a top Los Angeles branding agency, we’ll work with you to make sure you get incredible results for every dollar you invest into your branding.


Quaintise Testimonial

The update to our brand has made a huge difference for our business and has brought in new patients. Thanks to the expert marketing services provided by Quaintise, we’re better able to provide high-quality dentistry and promote oral wellness. I would recommend Quaintise to any business in need of an update to its marketing approach.

Quaintise Testimonial Cedars Sinai
Eric Felix, D.M.D., CEO and President,
Children’s Dental Health

Quaintise Testimonial

Quaintise did a phenomenal job rebranding our company. The partnership has been invaluable, improving our image and helping us better reach our target audience with superior marketing materials. Their work has energized and inspired our team.

Quaintise Testimonial AOA
Allen Miller, Chief Executive Officer,
COPE Health Solutions

Quaintise Testimonial

Quaintise worked closely with us to develop an exceptional visual representation of the UCLA Institute for Precision Health. Our partnership with their talented team produced truly beautiful creative assets that illustrate the revolutionary work the Institute is doing to empower healthier lives through an ability to predict and prevent disease

Quaintise Testimonial AOA
Mary Goodstein, Senior Director of Development Communications,
UCLA Health Sciences Development