With a growing and successful practice, it was time to create a brand for Children Dental Health that emphasized its passion to help children achieve optimal oral health. The group hired Quaintise to build a brand that represents their patient’s experience when visiting their dental practice. Through proper brand messaging and promotional images, Quaintise was able to help Children’s Dental Health stand apart from it’s competitors.


Children’s Dental Health is a leading, regional provider of pediatric dental services with more than 20 locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. For more than 30 years, Children’s Dental Health has been delivering quality dental care to children and adolescents while completing a detailed risk assessment on every patient, and focusing on educating patients and parents about preventive dental care.


  • Rebrand to develop a visual identity that fully represents the company’s values and services.
  • Develop goals and a vision statement to keep messaging and marketing materials on brand.
  • Perform brand audit consulting and competitor analysis that led to a new brand positioning statement.


Quaintise conduced an in-depth brand audit and strategic work plan which included:

  • Gathered client feedback based on goals and vision statement
  • Highlighted client values (Preventative Dental Health for Children)
  • Built a new identity
  • Created strategic brand messaging and copywriting for marketing materials
  • Designed visuals that portrayed a variety of looks and feels for the client to choose from
  • Developed a brand new logo and branded materials with infographics that visually tell the brand’s story and mission


Rebranded the practice creating and developing a new identity that could be visually represented in marketing materials.

Helped promote new customer acquisition by creating referral packets

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2“ We have a history of providing high quality dentistry and promoting an oral wellness package for our patients.”

Eric Felix, D.M.D.

CEO and President of CDH

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