Why Are Case Studies Important for a Los Angles Marketing Agency?

One of the best ways to get a closer look at what a marketing agency is capable of is by looking at their past projects. A marketing portfolio is a great place to start, and something that every agency should have. This is especially important if you have a project that will require designs for a logo, ad, brochure, website, etc. The portfolio makes it easy to see the type of visuals that the agency is capable of producing.

However, a portfolio on its own doesn’t give you the depth of information that you need to make an informed decision. Simply seeing beautiful designs and engaging copy isn’t enough to show that an agency can really live up to its promises in terms of increased customers and/or sales. To do that, you’ll
need to see case studies that go beyond the visual work that was produced and include details about the outcomes from each project. These studies provide far more insight into what a marketing agency is capable of achieving for your business.

What to Look for When Reviewing Case Studies

Based on the information laid out above, it’s clear that it’s a wise choice to narrow down your options for a marketing agency based on the availability of case studies. After all, wouldn’t you rather choose an agency that has a proven record of success? When it comes to partnering with a marketing agency, Los Angeles businesses can use these studies to compare and contrast the agencies on their shortlist.

Now that you’re reviewing case studies, it’s important to know what to look for. Not all case studies are alike, and just because some studies are longer doesn’t necessarily mean that the agency’s marketing services are more effective or reputable. It’s all about the content of the studies, so knowing which pieces of information are the most critical will help you wade through all those details.

Here are some of the key factors to consider when you review case studies from marketing agencies:

  • Clearly outlined challenge:

    Before launching into a description of the work an agency did, a case study should first clarify what marketing issues their client needed them to address. What are the current challenges they are facing? This could include a drop in sales, increased competition from new businesses in the industry, an outdated website, etc.

  • Detailed marketing solutions:

    Next, the agency should describe their solutions to the challenges faced by the client. What is their plan for addressing each issue, and how will those plans be implemented? Ideally, the agency will also provide details about how they gathered information to inform the development of their marketing plan, whether that is through competitor research, an in-depth brand audit, or another method.

  • Results with concrete numbers:

    The conclusion of a case study should showcase the marketing agency’s results with that specific client. The more detail you find in this section, the better. If the agency has neglected to provide concrete numbers, it’s a sign that they either 1) did not achieve very impressive results for their efforts, or 2) neglected to follow up on the effects of their marketing plan. A reputable marketing agency will track the results of their efforts and be able to provide real numbers, whether that’s a percentage increase in new customers, a growth in social media likes or follows, article impressions from media placements, etc.

Keep these factors in mind when you’re looking at case studies. You may be surprised to see how many agencies don’t include all these key factors in their studies. In many cases, agencies fail to provide detailed results from their marketing strategies. If the outcomes listed in all of an agency’s case studies seem vague, it’s a red flag that they haven’t been able to achieve the results to back up their claims.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio, and print ads, digital channels often have tools that help you to reach your target audience more directly. By using analytical tools, it’s easier to see exactly which demographics are interacting with your brand on various platforms. You can also direct your ads to appear only to certain users. This means that you waste less money on casting a wide net and can instead create some of your most targeted campaigns ever, which produces a better ROI with
each effort.

Quaintise Case Studies

For a reliable, results-oriented marketing agency, Los Angeles business owners can always turn to Quaintise. Our team has the expertise needed to elevate your marketing and get your company or organization the attention it deserves. We can help you generate leads, connect with new customers,
plan an advertising campaign, design updated marketing materials, and so much more. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; every marketing plan is completely customized to our clients’ unique needs. Best of all, we have the case studies to back it up.

You can view all our Quaintise case studies on our website at any time. But if you’re looking for a few examples to get started, here are a few we suggest checking out first:

  • Mastery of Social Media Marketing

    The Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles (KCLA) case study showcases our team’s expertise in digital marketing, particularly when it comes to social media platforms. This client was attracting a lot of interest online, but leads were not successfully converting into customers. Quaintise stepped in to help by formulating targeted Facebook ads, redesigning the landing page, and developing new website content. The results were tracked closely every step of the way, and tweaks were made to improve results, which included:

    • 400% increase in leads acquired
    • 872,000 Facebook ad impressions
    • 22,411 Facebook ad clicks
  • An Effective Public Relations Push

    Quaintise can also help to promote your business through public relations efforts, as demonstrated in our Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders case study. This healthcare facility needed to establish Rosewood and its physicians as leaders in the field while also improving their social media marketing plan. Quaintise completed a comprehensive brand and media audit and identified several ways to enhance Rosewood’s public image, including media coverage and enhanced social media engagement. The results included:

    • 791,653 article impressions from media placements in four major publications
    • 6,089 social likes, comments, and shares
    • 5% growth in Rosewood’s Facebook likes
    • 80+ relationships with new media contacts in the eating disorder industry
  • Increased Website Traffic

    In the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) case study, our Quaintise team’s proficiency in conversion-optimized marketing is on display. This client needed to drive traffic to their website to boost awareness of the MoCA test and increase the number of trained and certified test administrators. To accomplish this goal, Quaintise analyzed competitors and identified the key differentiators and value propositions that would be highlighted in our marketing strategy.
    Through a variety of both inbound and traditional outbound marketing efforts, including email campaigns, tri-fold brochures, and a website redesign, we produced the following results for the client:

    • Over 200% increase in Training and Certifications completed by physicians
    • 66% increase in website users and sessions
    • 140% increase in website page views
    • 96% decrease in website bounces

These are just some of the many case studies that you can view at Quaintise.com. Browse through them all to see what kinds of results we’re capable to getting for our clients.

Specializing in Health and Wellness Marketing

At Quaintise, we’re here to help with any marketing needs your business may have. We specialize in health and wellness marketing, so if you’re a medical facility, a life sciences brand, or any other type of health-related organization or company, our team is the perfect fit to develop your new marketing strategy. Our experience with medical marketing and life sciences marketing has helped us to form strong connections with other industry professionals, including prominent media contacts. When searching for marketing agencies, Los Angeles businesses operating in the wellness, medical, or health industries can count on Quaintise for expert promotion and branding.

If you’re thinking about partnering with Quaintise, keep in mind that we offer comprehensive marketing strategies that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. We have a large team with expertise in a wide variety of services, including:


We’ll work with you to figure out exactly which services are the best fit for your business. We can also scale our services to suit your budget. You’ll be able to get extensive follow-up on your marketing plan so that we can make sure you get the type of impressive results you’ve seen in our many case studies.

Take this opportunity to reignite your marketing strategy by partnering with Quaintise. Check out our case studies to learn more, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our services. We’re confident that our marketing experts can put together a plan that takes your business to the next level.


What is a marketing case study?

A marketing case study is a detailed analysis of a specific marketing project or campaign. It details the initial problem, the recommended solutions, plan implementation, and outcomes. Ideally, a marketing case study demonstrates why certain strategies or techniques are effective. It also allows potential clients to see what type of approach a marketing agency uses and to examine their results. Marketing agencies like Quaintise who make case studies public want to show their clients that they are fully dedicated to fulfilling their promises about what their marketing can do for a business.

Why should I hire a marketing agency los angeles?

If you already have marketing professionals on your staff, you may think that hiring a marketing agency is unnecessary or even wasteful. But just because your team handles the day-to-day marketing tasks for your business doesn’t mean they have the time or resources to develop a completely new marketing strategy and all that it entails. There are unique benefits that come with working with Quaintise as your marketing agency. Los Angeles businesses who partner with us enjoy a number of top-notch marketing services, including:

  • A team of experienced marketing professionals with proficiency in a wide range of areas, including web developers, content marketers, PR specialists, and social media experts
  • Detailed data to provide insight on your marketing campaign, which Quaintise captures with advanced statistical software
  • The opportunity to network with health and wellness industry contacts (including media professionals) through relationships which have been developed over many years
  • Brand auditing and branding strategy options for bringing your business up to date and remaining relevant in competitive industries

These are just some of the reasons a marketing agency is preferable when you’re dealing with a major marketing campaign. With a separate team dedicated to the project, your in-house staff can continue to focus on managing your day-to-day business.

How much will a marketing campaign cost?

The great thing about working with Quaintise is that we can design a marketing strategy to suit any budget. We’ll analyze your current marketing methods and check out what the competition is doing to figure out which strategies will be most effective for your business. Then, you’ll get to pick and choose which services you wish to pursue based on what budget you’re willing to allocate to the project. Regardless of how much you spend, Quaintise is dedicated to making sure you get the best ROI for your project.


Quaintise Testimonial

Quaintise did a phenomenal job rebranding our company. The partnership has been invaluable, improving our image and helping us better reach our target audience with superior marketing materials.
Their work has energized and inspired our team.

Quaintise Testimonial COPE
Allen Miller, Chief Executive Officer,
COPE Health Solutions

Quaintise Testimonial

When we selected Quaintise as our Agency of Record to help us tell AOA’s story and build our brand among our most important audiences, we had no idea how thorough, disciplined, and targeted their marketing process would be. From brand audit to patient and staff interviews to focused media placement and special community events to remarkable creative solutions on TV, print, and the internet, they delivered a marketing program that gives us a diverse presence across a multitude of media platforms while maintain the highest level of brand continuity for AOA, setting us apart in our crowded, medical category. And Quaintise did it in ways we could afford.

Quaintise Testimonial AOA
Monte Swarup, MD, Board Secretary and Chairman of AOA’s Branding Committee,
Arizona OBGYN Affiliates

Quaintise Testimonial

Quaintise worked closely with us to develop an exceptional visual representation of the UCLA Institute for Precision Health. Our partnership with their talented team produced truly beautiful creative assets that illustrate the revolutionary work the Institute is doing to empower healthier lives through an ability to predict and prevent disease.

Quaintise Testimonial UCLA
Mary Goodstein, Senior Director of Development Communications,
UCLA Health Sciences