Quaintise developed and executed a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign that involved keyword research, optimized landing page design, and creative ad sets that targeted women in the local area in need of gynecological and obstetric services after a competing hospital closed their maternity ward. As a result, Maricopa OBGYN received an increase in leads from prospective patients that ultimately led to new appointments and more business.

About Maricopa OBGYN

Maricopa OBGYN is part of Arizona OBGYN Affiliates (AOA), an integrated family of OBGYN physicians that gives a voice to women’s healthcare providers and their patients. By assembling an integrated family of physicians, AOA has established strength and authority as a major force in Arizona healthcare. Thanks to AOA, women have better access to quality care; providers have the ability to receive fair compensation; and insurance providers have peace of mind in knowing that the physicians within AOA meet the highest level of clinical, technical, and ethical standards in healthcare.


When a competitor in the area closed their maternity ward, many women in the Phoenix area found themselves without maternity care. Maricopa looked to Quaintise to create a plan that seized upon this unique opportunity.

Maricopa OBGYN has had success gaining new patients through word-of-mouth in the past. In an effort to take their patient acquisition to the next level, Maricopa has been running local digital ads since November of 2017. In addition to their consistent, long-term Google ad campaign, Maricopa needed immediate expert SEM advice upon hearing of the competitor closure. Quaintise had to act fast, taking our knowledge of their business and search ads, to develop a campaign that saw actionable results.


Choosing where you want to deliver is an important decision every expectant mother must make during their pregnancy. When a local hospital closes its maternity ward, many women are forced to change their delivery plans unexpectedly. Knowing how stressful this can be during a very important time in their life, Maricopa OBGYN and Quaintise wanted to extend their services to every woman left searching for new gynecological and/or obstetric services.

Knowing many pregnant women in the area would be searching for new prenatal and obstetrical care in light of the local competitor closing their maternity ward, Quaintise created a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign delivered through Google AdWords that targeted women in Phoenix looking for relevant search terms related to Maricopa’s services.

Focused on service and competitor keyword research, Quaintise developed a Google AdWords campaign that directed people to a landing page designed to generate leads and inform prospective patients about Maricopa OBGYN’s services. Keywords selected were based on search volume, competition, and audience data collected by the practice.

The newly designed landing page, featuring a signup form, branded imagery, and important office contact information, integrated seamlessly into their existing website. The landing page was used to direct website visitors from two ad sets created to A/B test dynamic content for optimized click-through rate (CTR).

With the help of Quaintise, Maricopa OBGYN turned a negative situation many expecting women faced into a positive situation and opportunity for the brand. Our search marketing campaign not only increased business opportunities and overall brand awareness, but reinforced the high-level quality of customer service AOA practices are known for.


In the first month the campaign launched, Maricopa OBGYN received:

  • 14,000+ ad impressions

  • 500ad clicks

  • 3.17% click-through
    rate (CTR)

  • 66% increase over standarade average CTR for Google AdWords

Maricopa also experienced an increase in daily phone calls from prospective patients looking for new gynecological and obstetrical care. Based on the average number of calls Maricopa offices receive each day, our SEM campaign increased call volume by 67%, slowly dropping back to their normal average once the Google ad campaign completed.

As a result of our month-long SEM campaign, Maricopa OBGYN increased their number of patients to the point the practice could not always offer their typical same-day appointment promise. Front office staff had to create a plan to accommodate the surplus of new patients that they now put into effect when they run additional SEM campaigns with Quaintise.

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