Quaintise developed a medical marketing work plan and executed an awareness campaign that positioned Family Practice Specialists as a unique, one-stop destination for family care and convenience in one appointment. As a result, website visits increased 62%, and new patients increased by 21%.

About Family Practice Specialists

Family Practice Specialists was founded in 1969, the same year that family practice was officially recognized as a medical specialty. FPS is different from other primary care medical practices. They provide high-quality, compassionate care with many additional services right in their office.


FPS had an outdated marketing plan that did not support their wide range of individualized services and treatment options not typically found at a family practice.

There was little awareness for FPS’s services and treatments and they were losing potential patients as a result.


Quaintise performed brand audit consulting that identified several areas of improvement in FPS’s positioning strategy. We then developed a proposal for how the potential client could be tactically reached, engaged, and ultimately brought through the doors for an appointment.

After researching who their target personas were, we focused our efforts on their digital web presence starting with a website redesign that featured a new blog, monthly newsletter signup, an electronic new-patient welcome package, and an enhanced online Patient Portal for personal information. Quaintise also helped expand FPS’s social media presence with the launch of a YouTube channel and updated Facebook branding

Quaintise also took advantage of community media opportunities with local and community publication advertising.

Lastly, Quaintise used the FPS practice lobby to promote their deep variety of services via:

  • Updated brochures Posters
  • Counter cards
  • Testimonial videos on lobby monitors


Our efforts led to a 62% increase in web traffic, 64% increase in mobile traffic and a 21% increase in new patients. In May 2013, new visits to the website contact page were up 50%, returning visits we up 10% and visits to the blog (which focuses on seasonal issues) were up by 226%, greatly exceeding even our expectations.

  • “phoenix family physician” is #4 Up 69 spots from start
  • “family physician phoenix” is #5 Up 19 spots from start
  • “dermatology surgeries phoenix” is #5 Up 41 spots from start


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