M&A Communication Planning

There has been a flurry of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the healthcare sector in recent years. This wave of consolidation will continue as the healthcare industry evolves and transforms. M&A affect all facets of the healthcare industry from health systems and physician practices to software firms, health plans, and service providers.

The success of any M&A hinges on great communication from the start. Don’t wait until the deal is signed to launch your communication strategy. M&A communication should begin during the preliminary stages, continue through the negotiations, and remain during the post-merger integration process.

At Quaintise, we begin by analyzing the businesses involved. Based on that research, we work with you to develop a comprehensive communication strategy that targets all stakeholders, including investors, board members, senior leaders, managers, front-line employees, and consumers. We will develop both internal and external communication plans for the entire M&A communication process. Our commitment to treat every client as a business partner enables us to deliver high quality, insightful, creative and results-driven marketing and communication campaigns.

The areas of the M&A process that we can help you address include:

  • Explaining why a merger or acquisition is being considered to stakeholders.
  • Describing the benefits of the M&A for each stakeholder.
  • Providing management with materials to help them communicate effectively with employees on how the merger will affect daily operations and benefits packages.
  • Identifying the appropriate forums for disclosure, discussion, and issue resolution, such as meetings, press releases, community forums, FAQ documents, training seminars and advertising.
  • Creating a brand strategy for the new organization including logo, website, social media, content marketing and public relations.
  • Developing advertising materials that explain what the new organization means for consumers.

Ready to masterfully manage your M&A communications?