Los Angeles Marketing Agency Quaintise Welcomes Murad, Inc. Founder Dr. Howard Murad to Family of Health and Wellness Brands

Los Angeles, CA – January 22, 2019 – Quaintise, a Los Angeles marketing agency specializing in healthcare, wellness, and life sciences, today announced they are representing Dr. Howard Murad, founder of Murad, Inc. and world-renown innovator of holistic and Inclusive Health, as his public relations agency of record. 

“We’re very excited to work with Dr. Murad and further his message on Modern Wellness and Cultural Stress,” says Raquel Baldelomar, founder and president of Quaintise. “Dr. Murad has been a leading visionary in the health and wellness industry for over three decades, and this strategic and creative partnership will further his mission of helping people improve their health and beauty from the inside out.”  

Recognized as The Father of Modern Wellness, Dr. Murad is a board-certified dermatologist and pharmacist who has treated over 50,000 patients and counting. His holistic health approach hopes to inspire people to achieve not just beautiful skin – but greater health and happiness inside and out.  

“In working with Quaintise, we have an opportunity to help people transform their futures,” says Dr. Howard Murad. “Quaintise doesn’t just think out of the box; they think as if there was no box. I am very excited to watch them take my life’s work and develop it into the health and wellness movement of tomorrow.”  

A practitioner not just of medicine but of the philosophy of health, Dr. Murad has been studying the effects of the environment, nutrition, and lifestyle on skin and overall wellness since 1972. In 1989 – at the age of 50 – he founded Murad, Inc. and launched the first science-backed, doctor-branded skincare line. Understanding that healthy skin comes from the inside out, Dr. Murad was the first to also introduce “internal skincare” first through supplements and later expanding it to include mental and emotional wellbeing which became the beginning of the Inclusive Health movement.  


About Quaintise 

Quaintise is a leading healthcare, wellness, and life sciences marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2003 by Raquel Baldelomar, Quaintise means beauty, elegance, and a well-crafted strategy, which is the mission we strive to uphold for our clients by building strong brands that drive new business. From the beginning to end of a project, the end-customer is at the center of everything we do. We dig deep into their desires, behaviors, and feelings so we can deliver brand experiences that exceed their expectations. For over 15 years, Quaintise has produced award-winning work that have yielded remarkable results for clients such as UCLA Health, the number one hospital in the western USA, DFW Capital Partners, a healthcare-focused private equity group with $600 million in assets under management, and Susan G. Komen, the world’s largest breast cancer organization.  We work across the health and wellness sectors, serving the many audience groups within healthcare to build brand currencies, tell compelling stories, and drive growth – by connecting business strategy with a deep understanding of customer behavior. For more information about Quaintise please visit Quaintise.com. 


About Howard Murad, M.D. 

Dr. Howard Murad is the founder of the innovative skincare company Murad, Inc. and is largely recognized as The Father of Modern Wellness based on his years of expertise as a board-certified dermatologist and pharmacist whose holistic health approach recognizes the mind/body/skin connection in living a healthier, happier life – at any age. Dr. Murad’s ability to “connect the dots” linking cellular hydration, nutrition, joyful exercise, creative expression, reducing “Cultural Stress,” and efficacious skincare, are unique contributions to Modern Wellness and Inclusive Health. Dr. Murad’s mission is to teach people how to manage cultural stress through a comprehensive treatment plan he describes in his published books and online at www.drhowardmurad.com