Simply having a web presence is not enough to stay current in today’s healthcare market. You need to present a fresh, modern image that’s supported by polished content and dynamic media coverage. If you want to compete with other healthcare companies, you can’t afford to leave this all up to chance. You need a solid plan, a proven strategy to reach your target audience.That’s why you need Quaintise.

Targeted Approach to Medical Marketing and Advertising

Quaintise is a full-service healthcare marketing and advertising firm with offices in Los Angeles and Scottsdale. Unlike other agencies, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Even within healthcare, we know that there are specific ways to reach your target audience,considering its unique cultural values and your brand imaging challenges.

We’ve worked in this environment long enough to understand how quickly it changes and what you need to do to position your company as a trusted leader in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Brand Audit and Marketing Services

As one of the most respected healthcare marketing agencies, Quaintise utilizes a proven process that’s built on research, branding and competitive analysis. Our in-depth brand audit gives us the building blocks to design and executeyourideal marketing strategy. Our marketing, public relations and advertising services include:

  • Creating marketing collateral
  • Developing the company name, messaging and logo
  • Designing and producing ad campaigns
  • Executing sustained trade and consumer marketing campaigns
  • Organizing special events
  • Planning and placing PR articles

Generate Leads and Improve ROI

Our marketing firm knows the power of medical marketing. We’ve seen it work for other clients and we know it can truly change your business.We will make you stand out for all the right reasons, helping you gain more visibility and a solid reputation. This proven strategy will help you generate more leads and improve your ROI.

Savvy, Dedicated Marketers

You’ll be happy to find that our agency professionals, located in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, are very intuitive,talented and dedicated to your company’s success.They’ll execute your marketing/ad campaign with uncompromising focus and standards to achieve measurable results.

But we don’t just deliver a campaign and walk away. Unlike other agencies, our firm knows the importance of keeping track of every detail of the marketing process. We keep a pulse on your progress, tracking important metrics to make sure that you get the results you want.

Whether you are a health system, a digital health company or a medical provider, Quaintise is the Los Angeles marketing and advertising agency you can count on to drive customers to your door. Contact us today to learn more.