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If you are targeting other businesses, a “shotgun approach” doesn’t really make sense. Instead, for B2B marketing, you’ll want to consider quality engagements over quantity. This means implementing a B2B marketing strategy that is designed to reach specific clients in an effective and efficient way.
Quaintise is an ABM marketing agency in Los Angeles that offers both ABM and inbound marketing services. Our outstanding marketing services allow you to connect with your potential clients successfully and within a reasonable budget.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that differentiates itself by focusing on reaching a targeted, smaller audience instead of reaching as many people as possible. The goal is to create engagement with potential clients by employing a more personalized approach.
An ABM marketing agency in Los Angeles will help you to create a customized campaign that helps you to target bigger businesses and approach them in the best way possible.

The Quaintise ABM and Inbound Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy offered by Quaintise is focused, efficient, and highly targeted. We are experts in identifying top clients in your sector and getting your message in front of them. In order to do this, we utilize a mixture of industry knowhow and specialized tools. We understand the importance of analytics, and we track everything to ensure the account-based marketing campaign we are running for your business is getting outstanding results. We also look for areas in which there is room for improvement and then make adjustments to maximize returns on the campaign.


How Quaintise Improves Your Marketing Campaign in Los Angeles with ABM Software

Without the right tools, an ABM campaign is pretty difficult to manage. That’s why Quaintise uses specialized tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Infusion Soft. These tools allow us to run successful account-based marketing campaigns for our clients with ease.
The ABM software we use helps us to:

  • Set up your ABM strategy
  • Build lasting relationships with clients
  • Track and measure key milestones
  • Provide personalized engagement
  • Communicate and collaborate

HubSpot and other specialized software can be easily integrated with tools such as LinkedIn, Slack, RollWorks, and more.

The techniques and tools we use boost the top-tier inbound marketing services we provide and are the perfect complement to your inbound marketing campaign.


Our Inbound Marketing Approach

Our inbound marketing approach relies on knowledge, top industry tools, and excellent implementation. We utilize account-based marketing software like HubSpot to create an efficient workflow, track data, and integrate with other industry tools.

Below is more information about the Quaintise approach to ABM and inbound marketing:


In order to increase efficiency and improve our ability to collaborate, we use high-end software designed to dramatically improve workflow. This makes it easier to identify quality target accounts and define ideal customer profiles.

Social Media Management

If you are looking to stay competitive, increase traffic to your website, and drive sales, creating and managing a social media presence is a must. While it may seem like an easy task, many business owners don’t realize how difficult it can be until they try to run a social media campaign on their own. In order to run a successful campaign, there needs to be an understanding of how to develop a social media strategy, run ads, track data, and more. The experts at Quaintise are able to provide you with outstanding social media management services that increase brand awareness, inbound traffic, and sales.
Quaintise developed a funnel-base social media ad campaign to build brand awareness for Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles and convert Facebook visitors into leads. We helped qualify those leads and tracked their progress from MQL (marketing qualified lead) to SQL (sales qualified lead) to customer—analyzing their current lead-to-sales process and optimizing it to improve conversion. By doing this, Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles was able to increase its monthly lead volume and grow its customer base.

Landing Page Development

A strong landing page is very important for creating conversions. Whether the goal is to encourage customers to fill out sign-up forms, capture email addresses, or make sales, you need a landing page that is powerful and effective.

Quaintise developed a Google AdWords campaign for our client Maricopa OBGYN that directed potential patients to a landing page designed to create leads and inform prospective patients about the services Maricopa OBGYN provides. We selected keywords based on search volume, competition, and audience data collected by Maricopa OBGYN.
We built a new landing page that featured branded imagery, a signup form, and important contact information that integrated seamlessly with their current site. The landing page was used to direct patients from two ad sets that were created to A/B test dynamic content. By testing, we were able to optimize CTR (click-through rate).

Blog/SEO Services

Does your company have a blog? If not, it should.

Blogs are an effective way to create brand awareness, increase brand trust, inform customers, and boost online traffic. By creating an SEO optimized blog, your company can drive traffic to your website, then encourage engagement with your products and brand.

Quaintise offers SEO-optimized blogging services for our clients. We are able to craft blogs that are designed to inform, build trust, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic. Our SEO team ensures your blog is optimized to get the most traffic possible and the boost it needs to make it to the top of search engine rankings. We do this with a mix of industry expertise and inbound marketing software.

Email Marketing

Everyone has an email address…and most people use it regularly. This makes email marketing a powerful tool. With the right headlines, positioning, copy, and calls to action, an email marketing campaign can be very effective.

Quaintise was able to create an effective email marketing campaign for our client COPE Health Solutions. The goal of the campaign was to increase client trust and brand awareness. Our monthly briefings and newsletters created brand awareness, kept customers informed, and increased website traffic.

Your ABM Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

If you are a B2B business, you should be running an account-based marketing campaign. With an effective and fully-optimized ABM campaign, you can get your message in front of your clients, drive traffic, and increase your sales.

Quaintise is here to help you to target the clients you are missing and ensure your message reaches them in order to build your business and increase your sales. Reach out today for more information about Account-based and inbound marketing services. We look forward to speaking with you and meeting your ABM needs.

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