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Keep it Simple…You Know the Rest – Healthcare Marketing is Most Effective When Simplified

In an era where everything is digital, even our realities are augmented, healthcare marketing agencies easily lose sight of what’s important – motivating and inspiring patients to take action. Between social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, and multiple forms of advertising, the patient can easily get lost in the mix, and … Continue reading Keep it Simple…You Know the Rest – Healthcare Marketing is Most Effective When Simplified

Healthcare Marketing to Improve the Patient Experience

For a healthcare marketing firm, whether you’re in LA or Scottsdale, one of your ultimate goals is to improve the patient experience through social media, print materials, video and more. By improving the patient experience with your client’s brand, you can turn patients into fans and brand advocates. However, with the implementation of Obamacare’s ‘pay-for-performance’ … Continue reading Healthcare Marketing to Improve the Patient Experience

Marketing to Habits

In writing our previous piece of content regarding Apple’s recent court battle with Samsung, I ended the blog with this line; Apple has branded itself so incredibly well with regards to tablets that it is inherent in our minds to automatically look for iPads when talking about tablets, and it really got me thinking. I’m … Continue reading Marketing to Habits

Tips for Landing the Deal

In business, whether it’s in the hotel industry or medical industry, there’s traditional marketing in Scottsdale with print, online, tv and radio, and then there’s the kind of handshake, face-to face, look-in-the-eye marketing that only a business owner can do. As a healthcare provider or small business owner, some of your greatest moments will be … Continue reading Tips for Landing the Deal

Startup Success

Starting your own business can be rough. The simple word “startup” can either bring excitement or a feeling of dread to many marketing firms. With the growth of certain industries like the infamous food trucks, it’s interesting to take a look at some of these business owners got started, what marketing techniques they employed, and … Continue reading Startup Success

Marketing in a Down Economy

How does the housing market affect the advertising market? It seems like a silly association, but according to Mike Sheldon, CEO of Deutch/LA and marketing manager for ad campaigns for Volkswagon of America, Sony Playstation, and Dr. Pepper, considers the housing market to be a precursor of the advertising market.   Sheldon “believes that “it … Continue reading Marketing in a Down Economy