Hospital Marketing


Successful hospitals and healthcare organizations depend on a foundation of respect and trust with their patients and clients. As patients gain increased access to information and shoulder more responsibility for their healthcare expenses, they are becoming increasingly savvy consumers. These engaged and informed consumers are becoming stronger advocates for themselves, and they rely on hospitals and healthcare networks they can trust to help them navigate their best care and treatment options.

Quaintise, a full-service healthcare marketing and advertising agency helps hospitals and healthcare organizations maximize their marketing investment to thrive in this new landscape. We begin by analyzing your business and your competitors and then work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that includes integrated strategies for digital marketing, social media, content development, advertising, and public relations that incorporate every aspect of your patient services.

As hospital marketing professionals, our Quaintise team understands healthcare industry dynamics and the challenges and opportunities you face. We provide the expertise to help strengthen your hospital’s brand and position in the market, build your client base, attract the most talented staff, grow your patient volume, and increase your revenue and market share. Every doctor, healthcare professional, lab technician, and administrator in your hospital or network embodies your brand to the patients and clients you serve. We are committed to creating an integrated marketing strategy that articulates your core values and speaks to every area of patient service with a consistent message that strengthens your brand.

We increase the impact of your marketing investment by identifying and incorporating relevant metrics and integrating marketing analytics into all of our campaigns at the outset. We measure what’s working and what isn’t. This enables us to prioritize our marketing efforts and make meaningful adjustments in tactics to ensure maximum results for your investment. Your hospital or network will have the hard numbers to help you make the right decisions to grow your business.

Quaintise is a full-service agency that specializes in responsible hospital and healthcare network marketing. Our in-depth knowledge and commitment to building your brand makes us one of the most insightful, successful healthcare marketing and advertising firms.

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