Animated Videos

Bringing Our Storytelling to Life.

If animated video marketing isn’t part of your health and wellness strategy, you’re missing out on one of the most engaging types of content proven to increase sales, build trust, boost engagement, and bring your company into the here and now.

Animated explainer videos are a fun and engaging way to elevate your storytelling to the next level, compatible with any and all industry markets. They offer all the benefits of a visual medium, with much smaller resource requirements than you might expect. Even for the most sophisticated of audiences, animated videos go beyond juvenile graphics to offer a nuanced way of bringing complex concepts to life, offering clarity and direction in a way live action video cannot. They also have the innate ability to visually represent abstract ideas, bringing transparency and accessibility to opaque concepts.

People love animation: animated videos excel at not only grabbing but keeping audience attention. Here are the most popular types in today’s healthcare marketing culture:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Stop motion animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Whiteboard animation

Businesses that invest in video marketing see 40% more search engine traffic than businesses that don’t. And websites with a video on their landing page can generate conversions of up to 80%. All of these statistics point to one conclusion: marketing videos pave the way for higher conversion and sales.

Are you ready to start creating videos that produce results?