Quaintise developed a health and wellness public relations and marketing campaign that utilized article placement and promotion to increase social media engagement and establish the client’s industry-leading eating disorder expertise. The campaign yielded nearly 800,000 article impressions and over 6,000 social engagements. It also established more than 80 relationships with local newspapers, and health and wellness media contacts.

About Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

A fully accredited and licensed hospital located in the Arizona desert, Rosewood has provided comprehensive care for all stages of eating disorder recovery since 2007. At Rosewood, patients with eating disorders benefit from innovative therapies, a multidisciplinary team, dedicated aftercare, alumni support and family/professional involvement. The center’s clinical activities are led by Clinical Director Dena Cabrera, Psy.D., CEDS.


  • Develop a national and locally focused public relations strategy and a robust implementation plan
  • Rise above competitors who were utilizing public relations effectively.
  • Find a Los Angeles public relations agency that could utilize connections with local media outlets.
  • Make Dr. Cabrera a more recognizable expert in her field.


Quaintise conducted a comprehensive brand and media audit, which included:

  • Interviewing Rosewood executives, doctors and staff to identify brand strategy challenges and opportunities to increase market share.
  • Performing a high-level analysis of Rosewood’s position in the competitive landscape.
  • Developing a targeted media list and a media pitch for article placements.

Quaintise executed a strategic public relations and marketing plan, which included:

  • Writing articles and securing media coverage in local newspapers and targeted health and wellness media publications.
  • Promoting articles using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Outbrain.
  • Developing key relationships with prominent healthcare media editors, journalists and publications to position Rosewood as an expert voice on eating disorder issues.


In the first four months, Quaintise successfully secured media placements in four publications:

Huffington Post September 2015
ASU State Press September 2015
Recover Campus Magazine February 2016
Entrepreneur October 2015

In the first four months, Quaintise achieved the following metrics:


article impressions from media placements


social likes, comments, and shares


growth in Rosewood’s Facebook likes


relationships with new media contacts in eating disorder industry

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