Quaintise is looking for a Research Assistant to help write the script for a marketing and branding digital courses and online video series.  The online series is called “Branded” and is produced by Quaintise, a marketing and branding agency, based in Santa Monica.  This series will delve into strategic and tactical marketing, branding, and advertising concepts and will give people watching the series valuable information that they can use to help them build bigger and better brands. The digital courses will go into more in depth concepts presented in the online video series.

The Research Assistant must be able to find real-life media, political and business examples of these marketing concepts, write and edit script outlines, and create visual components for the online video series and digital courses.

Most importantly, you must have a strong knowledge of these marketing, advertising, and branding concepts and be able to communicate how companies are using these marketing and psychological theories to persuade audiences and build their brand.

To do this role, you will need to:

  • Have a solid understanding of marketing and branding concepts
  • Have a background in the marketing industry
  • Have excellent research skills
  • Be a strong writer/editor
  • Be able to manage time effectively

If you have the skills listed above, please apply by sending an email to info@quaintise.com and describe your past research, writing, and marketing experience and why you would be a good fit for this role.  Please also describe your past hourly rate history.  This is contract-based, part-time opportunity, and you can work from anywhere. You are not required to work from our Santa Monica offices.  We just need to be able to collaborate well by phone, chat, and email.  Pay is negotiable, based on experience.